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Complete 2 tasks to get 12 MST!

Task 1 – Follow us on Twitter, Like & Retweet our pinned tweet with 3 friends tagged

Task 2 – Watch our promotional video & find the mystery code


  • This giveaway limits to 50,000 users who provides the right answers. Users must complete all tasks and submit their entry to qualify.
  • One wallet address with the correct answer is considered as ONE entry. There is no limits of tries per wallet address.
  • Registered wallet should contain a combined minimum of 0.01 ETH value of the following tokens (wBTC, ETH, USDC, USDT) to prevent bots from snatching allocated MSTs in this campaign.
    Combined minimum value of 0.01 ETH is determined by the market rate of CoinMarket Cap everyday on 10:00am UTC+8.
  • Our team will cross check all submissions, if one field is entered in error or missing. The submission is disqualified.
  • Users will not be notified if entry is incorrect.
  • Winners will be notified in our official Telegram group if they provide all information accurately.
  • Winners will be notified within 24 hours of their submission.
  • 12 MST will be made available to users via the Referral page in MappedSwap for all accurate submissions.
  • Users are to submit only Metamask and Eurus Wallet addresses, otherwise you are not able to connect onto MappedSwap.


Our giveaway has ended.

Promotion starts on 13 April

Fill in your details to enter the giveaway​

Verification of submission takes 24 hrs.
Winners will be announced in our Official Telegram Group

Congratulations to all winners!

All MSTs are given out!

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